Child Care Provider Payroll Service

Kenyon & Associates Child Care Payroll Service (CCPS)

Kenyon & Associates is focused on providing tax and payroll services for “In Home” Child Care providers.

We are the primary presenters of Tax Workshops in the Bay Area and North Bay Counties (Sonoma, Napa, Alameda, and San Mateo Counties). Many of the Community Child Care Councils and Referral Resource Organizations host our 2 hour Presentation.

Our main goal is to provide Child Care Providers with the knowledge, tools, and professional support that simplify record keeping to enable the lowest tax possible on the tax return. We strive to assist Child Care Providers with reducing time spent on financial tasks; like Payroll, Bookkeeping, Record Storage and Tax Preparation; This enables more time and focus on the business of caring for the children.
Many Child Care Providers face a daunting array of legal, licensing, and business compliance laws and rules. Kenyon & Associates offers affordable support services which reduce the time spent on record keeping, retention of records and government required reporting. We are focused on making a positive difference by providing area Child Care Providers with a quality Tax and Payroll Reporting Service.

Benefits of Kenyon & Associates for Payroll Services

  • tax question child care providerEasy to Use:
    Enter hours each pay period on our Website Portal
  • Comprehensive:
    We handle all payroll reporting
  • Low Cost:
    Easy to budget
  • Qualified Professionals:
    Responsive, Experienced, & Courteous
    Customer Service

How Our Payroll Service Works:

  1. Internet Access is Required
  2. Employee hours entered using our secure web page each pay period.
  3. CCPS calculates employee tax withholding and net pay.
  4. CCPS sends out paycheck stubs via paperless options. (Secure Portal or Fax).
  5. CCPS schedules your tax deposits.
  6. CCPS lets you know in advance the amount to be withdrawn from your bank account.
  7. CCPS files payroll tax returns at end of each three-month calendar quarter.
  8. CCPS provides copies for your records each Quarter.
  9. At the turn of the Year (January) we prepare and file all annual payroll forms/tax returns (IRS and State).
  10. CCPS provides each employee with copy of Form W-2.

Three plans are available:

  • $145 each Quarter : 1-2 employees 
  • $160 each Quarter : 3-5 Employees
  • $190 each Quarter : 6-8 Employees


CCPS includes these options for paying employees:

  • Paycheck image forwarded (paperless) which enables writing checks in your office.
  • Direct deposit services (AHS) into employee bank account.
  • Checks printed from our office and mailed directly to your office.
  • Provide reports each payroll period using either:
    • Upload to Secure Portal “Sharefile”; Electonic image of reports available 24/7
    • Fax to your office or your provided online service


Our Payroll Tax Guide provides a complete overview of the various Federal and California payroll taxes and forms, which our service includes.

Forwarding reports using secure portal (Sharefile) or Fax to your office. Sharefile provides electronic images of paychecks and reports each payroll period available 24/7.

Issue: Form 1099-Misc for Independent Contractors – or – Employee on Payroll?

payroll daycare provider sonoma countyBy law, child care assistants do not qualify to be treated as 1099 independent contractors. Not following the law can be costly. We can help you through the process to correct a problem position. Don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance regarding your specific situation.

Our Payroll Tax Guide provides a complete overview of the various Federal and California payroll taxes & forms, which our service handles.

Note: Hiring family employees can help the cost of having employees as some payroll taxes do not apply to certain family members, : parents, spouses, or children under the age of 21.
Internet access is required

California small businesses only (10 or fewer employees)