Instructions on how to use ShareFile

ShareFile is a secured file sharing portal we use at Kenyon & Associates to ensure that your financial and personal information are properly secured. Rest assured that the portal is absolutely complimentary to you and easy to use. We are pleased to provide you with detailed instructions on this page. You may also download this document. As always, never hesitate to contact us at 707-202-4220 should you have additional questions.

Step 1 – Activating Your New Account

1) Our staff will create your secured account and email you instructions on how to log onto your new ShareFile account. In this email, there will be an activation link which will take you to the welcome page.

2) Simply click on the link, enter your first name, last name, and company name, then click "Continue".

3) The next step will be for you to select a password of your choice. Make sure to select a password that is secured using a combination of letters, numbers, and punctuation symbols and click "Save and Sign In". Also note that you will be able to change your login credentials at any time after your first login.

4) You are now logged into the ShareFile portal and you will also receive a confirmation email that the set-up is completed.

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Step 2 – Accessing Your Folders and Files

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Downloading - Once you are logged in, you will see your folder under which there may already files waiting for you. The folder system is very similar to the folder system in your own computer. To open the folder, simply double click on it. If a file is available under your folder, you can select it which will offer you the option to view it or download it and save it onto your computer. The various options are listed on the right end side column of the page.

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Uploading - You can also upload files from your computer directly onto the ShareFile portal via a secured and encrypted connection. There are two ways to upload.

1) The most common method is to click on the green plus symbol located at the top right of the screen then select the word "Upload". You can then browse and choose the file(s) from your PC. Once you have uploaded the file, you can add explanatory text to describe it. You may do so by clicking the word "Edit", enter your text, and save. If you wish to upload more than one file, you can hold down the Shift and Control keys at the same time while selecting the specific files you wish to add.

2) The second option is to click and drag the files from your computer to the center of the page that reads "Drag files here".

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The process is very simple and quick. The speed in which the files download or upload varies on the file size and Internet speed.

Inbox - In addition you will notice on the left end side the word "Inbox". This is where your secured communication from Kenyon & Associates will be saved.