What do we cost ?

Taxpayers considering hiring professionals to provide Tax Preparation Service often focus on the Cost. While this is a natural concern, other factors should be considered. Our results show that we save our clients much more money that the cost of our services in instances when they actually owe taxes, and are able to secure refunds far greater than our fees in instances when a refund is due. In either case, the client benefits financially far greater than the cost of services. In fact, using a professional preparer can often mean the difference between owing and receiving when it comes to taxes.


Our average tax return price will range from $350 to $600. This price can be reduced by many of the discounts listed below. Details on pricing for service are (for most returns) listed below.


  • Referral Discount: $35 each new referred client (Qualify: Form 1040 with Schedule C or E)
  • New Client Discount: $35 each new client (Non-Child Care ONLY)
  • Child Care Providers: $50 (Non-Wonderschool Members)
  • Wonderschool Members: $75 
  • Full Payment at Appointment by Check or Cash: 5% (up to $25)
  • No Appointment in Office/ Video Conference: 10% (up to $50)


Lower Prices with No In-Office Appointment (Silent Return): Here's how to lower your price:

  • Upload Document by use of ShareFile, our Free Secure Portal
  • Mail or Ship Docments via USPS, FedEx, UPS
  • Fax Documents to (707) 205-1514
  • Drop off Documents with Staff at our Windsor Office

General Pricing List

Minimum Price for Office Appointment Start at: $300 (1 hr.),  $150 (1/2 hr.)

Form 1040/540 with Schedule A

  • In Windsor Office: $375
  • In Petaluma Office: $400
  • Video Conference: (Billed every 15 minutes)
    • During Off-Filing Season (September 1st - October 15th):  $150/hr
    • During Filing Season (February 1st - April 15th):   $300/hr


  • 1040 w/o Schedule A:  $ 200
  • 1040 w/ Federal Schedule A: $375
  • 1040 w/ Schedule A & CA Form 2106: $450
  • Head of Household Calif Form 3532:  $20
  • Schedule C (Business) Additional:  $100 to $275
  • Schedule E (Rental) Additional:  $100 to 150
  • Elections:  $10 each
  • Non-cash Donation Form 8283:  $5 each entry
  • Schedule D (Gains and Losses) & Form 8949 Assests Sales 
    • Stock Sales:  $5/translation
    • Property/Home Sale:  $75 to $200
    • K-1 recording:  $50 to $150
    • Child Tax Credit Form 8812:  $25
    • Earned Income Credit:  $20
    • Due Diligence Form 8867:  $25
    • Child Dependent Care Form 2414:  $20
    • Education Credit Form 8663:  $40
    • Health Care Form 8962:  $25    
  • Rescheduling Fee:  $50

Scheduling Options:

January, February, March

  • Windsor Office; In Office, In-Person
  • Petaluma Office; In Office, In-Person
  • Drop Offs at Windsor or Petaluma (only on our scheduled days)
  • ShareFile Uploads
  • Ship by Fed-Ex, UPS or USPS

Windsor or Petaluma Appointment Availability 

  • Friday: In-person   or   Video Conference 
  • Saturday: In-person   or   Video Conference
  • Sunday: In-person   or   Video Conference
  • Monday: In-person   or   Video Conference 
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: No In-Office Appointments - ShareFile Uploads & Video Conference ONLY

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